Aglatech14’s objective is to maintain high standards of excellence and to guarantee high-quality language services.

The main principles of our quality policy are:

  • We provide language services that meet the sector’s standards, satisfy our clients’ requests, and fulfil their needs
  • We carry out frequent monitoring and control over the processes in all phases of the service
  • We regularly review our quality objectives and strive to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system
  • We keep up to date by following the changes in the sector. We regularly adopt the technological tools that help us perform and manage our services
  • We are always committed to guarantee the clients’ satisfaction, through transparent communication, by offering effective solutions that satisfy their requests and needs and by attaching great importance to the feedback that they provide.

Aglatech14 has developed a quality assurance and management system for the translations of all projects, and especially those that fall within the technical-scientific domain.

We guarantee our quality standards through the following measures:

The choice of the translator in charge of the project and, more generally, of all professionals who work on the project (editors, proofreaders), who must always be native speakers of the target language and have specific skills in the sector and in the subject matter of the translation assigned to them.

The method used to perform the translation process, which, through a system of cross-checks, ensures that, before its final approval, each individual project is handled by at least two translators knowledgeable in the subject matter of the translation.

Monitoring of the translators’ and editors’ performance, which includes filling out an evaluation form for each translation and editing assignment.

Our investment in leading-edge technologies that allow us to speed up the translation process and to support the translators with suitable computer-aided translation software to manage the contents and documents of the project.

Our translation management system, which ensures that all the client’s requests are satisfied and which helps us respond promptly, both in case of urgent requests and in case of sudden changes in the documents originally submitted by the client.

Continuous training of the personnel, through technical, linguistic, and content-related updating courses; this is achieved by participating in webinars or in training courses and events organised by the sector associations to which Aglatech14 belongs.

The request of feedback from the client, provided by filling out a customer satisfaction questionnaire that allows the client to evaluate the various aspects of our service for the project just delivered, from the quality of the translation to the management of the project by the project manager.

This feedback is communicated to the operations director, who then discusses it with the project manager and the operating team. At the end of the project, the PMs also assess the performance and quality of the product of each individual translator or editor. All this information is then processed within our management and control system, in order to make it possible to improve our processes and performance.

Aglatech14 is certified according to UNI EN ISO 17100:2015.

The life-giving vis [energy] of the language, its creative and poetic strength, whose sparks or light flashes we are able to glean whenever we give meaning, transforms the disaster of Babel into a rain of stars upon mankind (George Steiner)

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