Quality, confidentiality, punctuality

Aglatech is an industry leader in the field of professional legal translations.

You can count on an extensive network of legal specialists and translators providing accurate, high-quality translations. For the past 20 years, Aglatech14 has been helping companies and private individuals by providing the professional legal translation of a broad range of documents, including:

  • contracts
  • judgements, legal opinions, memoranda
  • summons, appeals, claims
  • injunctions
  • expert opinions
  • court records
  • certificates of pending proceedings
  • deeds of incorporation, articles of association
  • out-of-court proceedings and administrative actions
  • notary deeds
  • wills
  • notices, complaints, reminders
  • private agreements
  • residence permits

We generate glossaries and translation memories to be used as translation references, in order to ensure consistency in the case of recurring translations, while also complying with all the instructions provided by the client. 

To guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided, we ask our translators to comply with strict confidentiality agreements. Moreover, we use secure computer systems with very high levels of protection and control.

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A translation is considered as a reciprocal movement between two languages, "going beyond and coming back from one language to another" (Heidegger)

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