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Aglatech14 specialises in the translation of patents. We have been working for the leading Italian and European intellectual property firms for over 20 years and we are fully aware that translations of patents must be conscientious and accurate.

The main characteristic of a patent translation is its literality; the translation must closely follow the source text and, therefore, attempt to render it as faithfully as possible, without changing the essence of the concepts expressed by the inventor. Therefore, patent translation is closely linked to the source text.

We also pay attention to using consistently the same translation for a term used repeatedly in the source text, after having identified the most suitable translation; we do not use synonyms in these cases.

Patents are also characterised by a mixture of technical language on the one hand and legal language on the other. Because of the very nature of the patent documents, it is clear that the subject of the patent can fall within widely separated technical fields. For this reason, all translators to whom Aglatech14 assigns patent translations either specialise in the technical field of the patent or are language specialists having solid experience in the technical-scientific domain required by the translation.

We specialise in many diverse fields of patent translation, including, among others, the following sectors: chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, medical devices, mechanical, electronics, electrotechnical, telecommunications, and information technology, to mention only the most common.

For this reason, we have established a division devoted specifically to patent translation.

Reasons to choose Aglatech14:

Expert patent translators

We have built a network of professionals and we employ the best patent translators in the various areas of specialisation. All our professionals are tested and monitored by our team of experts utilising the most stringent criteria. Their work is assessed continuously to guarantee the highest quality.

Confidentiality of the translation

We have developed a leading-edge technology in our sophisticated translation platform; this allows us to protect all data that we receive. All our patent translators must comply with strict confidentiality agreements.

Urgent assignments

We are aware of the importance of fast delivery, imposed most often by the limited time available to file a patent application; therefore, over the years, we have established a broad network of professionals that allows us to manage tight deadlines promptly and efficiently. We are thus able to guarantee to our clients the certainty of fast delivery times that satisfy their needs.

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A translation is considered as a reciprocal movement between two languages, "going beyond and coming back from one language to another" (Heidegger)

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