Medical and scientific translations

The healthcare sector is among the largest and most important economic sectors around the world. A constantly growing number of organisations and companies operating in this sectors need to rely on language service professionals.

To address these market needs, Aglatech14 specialises in translating medical and scientific texts and operates earnestly and professionally to provide services to pharmaceutical companies, university departments, hospitals, CROs [Contract Research Organisations], and medical device manufacturers.

The translators that we use for medical and scientific translations are professionals in the sector either because they have specific training in the subject matter that they translate or because, although they have a language background, they have experience in the specific field or subject of the translation.

A scientific review, by a biologist, a physician, or a pharmaceutical sector professional, follows the proofreading phase. It is very important to us that, in this area, mastery of the languages be matched by scientific precision.

Medical translations

Specialised translations in this area require in-depth medical competence, knowledge of medical terminology, and understanding of the related natural sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics).

Aglatech14 translates the following types of documents in all areas, from general medicine to veterinary sciences:

  • healthcare information pamphlets for patients
  • medical records, consultations, and medical reports
  • technical manuals
  • websites and marketing material
  • scientific and technical publications
  • patents and other IP documents

Medical devices

The medical technologies sector is an innovative sector devoted to the development of medical devices and technical equipment. As this is a high technology field, halfway between medicine and engineering, accurate and reliable operating manuals in the language of the country of destination are extremely important for the correct utilisation of these devices.

Our team of specialised translators makes Aglatech14 the partner most suitable and qualified to supply you high-quality and professional translation services.

Aglatech14 regularly translates the following types of documents:

  • technical manuals (operation, service, maintenance)
  • information material (brochures and other marketing documents)
  • software for medical devices
  • commercial documentation


When manufacturing and marketing a drug, accurate terminology, reliable content, and consistent style are crucially important. For these reasons, translations in the pharmaceutical field must be entrusted to specialised translators, supported by editors and sector experts, to ensure that the translated texts are characterised by the correct terminology, accuracy, linear exposition, and fidelity to the source text that translations in this specific field require.

A large and constantly growing proportion of clinical research is carried out through studies conducted simultaneously in several countries and many of the drugs marketed in Italy and Europe are developed and manufactured abroad.

Translations are required through the many phases that lead to the introduction of drug into the market, from the initial clinical trials to the submission of the regulatory documents and to its production, marketing, and packaging.

Aglatech14 is a reliable partner for pharmaceutical firms, biotechnology companies, and CROs (Contract Research Organisations); we support these entities by translating the complex and sensitive documentation required to produce and market a drug.

We translate the following documents for the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Case Report Forms (CRFs)
  • informed consents
  • medical files
  • patient diaries
  • Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)
  • adverse events notification forms
  • Clinical Outcome assessments (COAs)
  • study protocols
  • compliance statements
  • Instructions For Utilisation (IFUs)
  • labels
  • information sheets
  • scientific documents
  • utilisation manuals
  • brochures and marketing material
  • websites

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A translation is considered as a reciprocal movement between two languages, "going beyond and coming back from one language to another" (Heidegger)

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