Processing and management of translation projects

We can provide a full range of translation services, covering all our clients’ needs, through the interaction of specialised personnel and technology.

For Aglatech14, translating a text means establishing a connection with clients throughout the world. For this reason, we strive to offer translations suited to the client’s needs, not only from the language point of view, but also taking into account the subject matter and contents.

Each new translation project is managed in accordance with a well-established procedure which includes the following steps:

  • initial communication to understand the client’s needs and acquire all required information
  • analysis of the project utilising the most advanced computer-assisted translation tools (SDL Trados, MemoQ), identification of the personnel required for the translation
  • selection, by the dedicated project manager, of the most suitable native speaker translator, on the basis of language combination and subject matter being translated
  • assignment of the translation project to the translator
  • management of the project through communication with the client regarding the progress of the project and through monitoring aimed at complying with the agreed-upon deadlines
  • editing of the translated text. In the case of very complex texts whose content is highly technical or specialised, we submit the translation to revision by an expert, also a native speaker of the target language, who checks that the appropriate technical terminology is used
  • proofreading of the translation to correct any typos and spelling, syntax, or accordance errors, also taking into account the page layout
  • the translation is delivered to the client only after it has been edited and proofread 

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I picked a rustic nosegay lately, / And bore it homewards, musing greatly; / When, heated by my hand, I found / The heads all drooping tow'rd the ground. / I plac'd them in a well-cool'd glass, / And what a wonder came to pass / The heads soon raised themselves once more. / The stalks were blooming as before, / And all were in as good a case / As when they left their native place. / So felt I, when I wond'ring heard / My song to foreign tongues transferr'd. (J. W. GOETHE, A parable)

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